Wednesday, August 1, 2007



Anonymous said...

First, CONGRATULATIONS again on an amazing journey completed!! It looks like through everything, everyone had a good time and a lot of smiles. What a great team. Terry, there is no way to tell you how proud of you I am. WAY TO GO!!
Second, You hair is so damn cute. Are you sure you just turned 50??? I hope I look half that good when I am as old as my "other mother". Love, Steff

Anonymous said...

This slide show and blog are unreal Terry. You are an amazingly strong women. I wish I had half the drive you had. You are probably in the best shape of your life now! Your friends and family who were with you were truely the definition of a TEAM. Go get a pedicure when you get back to Spokane, you deserve that and more!

Stacy (Steff's Sister)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Terry! What an unreal amazing accomplishment. And congratulations to your support team. All this when it would seem to me you're running out of challenges - not! You're an inspiration - keep it up.

Mo (Meeghan's sister)

Jack said...

I watch this slide very day (that's my OCD side of me), and I cry EVERY single time!! I will not stop watching it until I can do it without crying. I am so utterly amazed, and happy to know you, Terry. Love always, Jack P.S. Thanks for the CD.